Social Lead Freak Review and Tutorial

social lead freakFacebook advertising provides some of the best demographic targeting options available on any advertising platform out there. By being able to target your demographics by age, sex, location and even more importantly, their interests, you can really focus in on who sees your ads. This allows you to get better click through rates and higher conversions for the products you are promoting.

If you want to take your demographic targeting even further, you can utilize Facebook’s Graph Search API to extract the user ID’s of Facebook users that belong to groups, attend events, or interact with a Facebook Page. That’s a really powerful way of getting highly targeted leads that have “raised their hand” and shown interest in the market that you are wanting to advertise in.

The problem is that unless you are a software developer, it’s not going to be very easy to extract those user ID’s on your own.

That’s where software like Social Lead Freak comes in.

What Exactly Does Social Lead Freak Do?

It’s an extremely powerful piece of software that allows you to search through FB groups, events, people, places, pages, and posts. You can then extract the members from groups and attendees of events with one click and target these leads in your advertising campaigns.

This is a desktop Software built on the Adobe Air platform. That means that you can install it on your PC or MAC computer, which is kind of a breath of fresh air, since it seems like most internet marketing software typically only caters to Windows users. That also means that updates to the software can be rolled out automatically, so you will always have the latest version of the software. There have already been multiple updates to Social Lead Freak since I purchased it. Some of the updates were bug fixes, but they’ve also included new functionality as well.

One of the biggest updates was that they added the ability to extract users from Facebook Pages. It doesn’t get everyone that has liked a page, but what it does do is extract the user IDs of everyone that has recently interacted with a page. While it would be nice to be able to get everyone that has liked a page, Facebook has made it clear that they won’t allow the “likes” of a page to be used by the Graph Search API.

Build a Custom Audience

Once you get your user IDs extracted, then its just a matter of importing those IDs as a custom audience into Facebook. And, the only way to do that is by using the Facebook Power Editor, which is only available as an extension for Google’s Chrome browser.

To install power editor:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Visit your Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Click the Power Editor tab on the left side of the Ads Manager
  4. Install the Power Editor application
  5. Once you launch the Power Editor application, click Download and follow the onscreen instructions

Once you have the power editor installed, then it’s just a matter of uploading your extracted user IDs into a custom audience which you can then use in your ad targeting options.

Social Lead Freak Walk-Through Video

Be sure to watch the video below for my complete Social Lead Freak review and walk-through tutorial on how I use the software to build a highly targeted list to advertise to, how to use the Facebook Power Editor, and how to set up your ads to use the custom audience that you created.

Click Here to Read the Transcript

Social Lead Freak Review Conclusion

If you’ve ever wanted to advertise on Facebook, or if you want a way to drive down your costs per click and increase your conversions with your Facebook ads, Social Lead Freak makes it all possible. You’ll be able to directly target your ad campaigns in a way previously unheard of.

What’s also nice is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to start getting highly targeted leads. You can get a copy of SocialLeadFreak for as low as $27.

The biggest complaint that I have with Social Lead Freak is that the user documentation is a little on the weak side. I fumbled around with the software a bit before figuring out how some of the features worked. But once I did, it has become extremely easy to use and I’ve been using it quite a lot lately for some Facebook Ads that I’ve been running.

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