Competetive Niches – Do You Think You Must Write A Million Articles To Compete?

It is extremely tough for some Internet marketers to get away from mindsets that hurt their success and ultimately their ego. When first starting out the average Internet marketer is like kid in a candy store, but after a few punches to their ego they stop or lose interest. One of the reasons this happens […]


Why You Should Never Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket When It Comes To Article Usage

If you have decided to use article marketing in order to drive visitors then you are on a good road. Even though article marketing has become less effective because of abuse, you can still use your articles in other ways to drive visitors. However, I believe that people should not put all of their eggs […]


Have You Tried Writing Your Own Content For Article Marketing And Gotten Tired? Here Is Why

If you had the ability to write some words on paper and then take them to a shop that would pay you anywhere from five dollars to fifty dollars for every piece of written material you turned in how many pieces would you write? Would you write one hundred or how about a thousand? This […]


The New Way To Do Article Marketing: Don’t Let Search Engine Changes Destroy Your Business!

Have you noticed lately that article marketing is not as effective as it was before? I mean things were already bad to begin with because of so many people writing bad content. The traffic you would get became less and less, and pretty soon the top tier directories begin to make their standards much tougher. […]


Core Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Dictation Software To Help You Create Content

We all know that in order to be successful on the Internet you must be able to write articles. Content is the fuel that makes the Internet run, and if you are unable to create content then you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage. The problem for most people is they are unable to […]


5 Things You Need To Pay Attention To In Order To Stay In Googles Good Graces

Serious Internet marketers know that whenever they are trying to optimize their websites to receive high rankings in search engines, they need to be aware of what the search engines want. There are a lot of marketers who focus only on certain things, while completely ignoring others. But did you know that ignoring some of […]


How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

So, you’ve got a brand new blog that looks really cool, is fully optimized for the search engines, and is set up for monetization. How do you get Traffic to your Blog? Well, first thing’s first. You need quality content, and a lot of it. But, before you start creating content, you’re going to need […]

Article Marketing – Is it Still a Viable Source of Traffic?

If you have been marketing online for any amount of time, then you’ve definitely heard of article marketing. Simply put, Article marketing is the act of writing articles and distributing them all over the internet to help promote your website and/or offers, while generating targeted traffic all at the same time. Why is Article Marketing […]