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Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

How with no SEO experience I’m using any and every way to make it big. A little bit jaded with my current job I summed up my life experiences and skills a little over six months ago and thought to myself: “What can I actually do well?” I’m sure many of you have been there […]


Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 1

Any serious Internet marketer has probably been to a related forum while they have been in the business. On most Internet marketing forums you will see the same thing brought up over and over again. For some reason people seem to think that using free methods is the only way to make money on the […]


How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

So, you’ve got a brand new blog that looks really cool, is fully optimized for the search engines, and is set up for monetization. How do you get Traffic to your Blog? Well, first thing’s first. You need quality content, and a lot of it. But, before you start creating content, you’re going to need […]