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Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

How with no SEO experience I’m using any and every way to make it big. A little bit jaded with my current job I summed up my life experiences and skills a little over six months ago and thought to myself: “What can I actually do well?” I’m sure many of you have been there […]


Blog Commenting For Traffic: The Art Of Leaving Strong Comments That Contribute Value

Blog commenting is very powerful as it concerns the ability to drive laser targeted traffic to your website. What makes it even more powerful is the fact that over time this traffic can become consistent and increase. If it is not done correctly though, the comments you leave on various blogs will not bring you […]


Finding Affiliate Products to Make Money from Your Blog

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is by promoting affiliate products. What are Affiliate Products? Well, there are thousands of companies out there that are willing to pay you a commission for selling their products. You simply get paid for every sale that you refer back to them. You just need to […]