5 Reasons You’re Not Getting More Traffic

Seems like almost every day either online or IRL (in real life) I get asked by someone about how to get traffic to their site. It’s one of, if not the, most important things to work on when doing any kind of online marketing. If you’re selling something, even if it’s just yourself, you’ve got […]

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Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

How with no SEO experience I’m using any and every way to make it big. A little bit jaded with my current job I summed up my life experiences and skills a little over six months ago and thought to myself: “What can I actually do well?” I’m sure many of you have been there […]


Competetive Niches – Do You Think You Must Write A Million Articles To Compete?

It is extremely tough for some Internet marketers to get away from mindsets that hurt their success and ultimately their ego. When first starting out the average Internet marketer is like kid in a candy store, but after a few punches to their ego they stop or lose interest. One of the reasons this happens […]


Why Article Writing Is At The Core Of Any Marketing Strategy And Why You Cannot Ignore It

There are a lot of people out there that seem to hate writing articles. To some people article writing is to them what water is to a cat. These are the type of people who will go out of their way to avoid writing articles, but it is something that must be confronted at some […]


Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 1

Any serious Internet marketer has probably been to a related forum while they have been in the business. On most Internet marketing forums you will see the same thing brought up over and over again. For some reason people seem to think that using free methods is the only way to make money on the […]