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Hiring Freelance Writing Help for Your Blog

If you’ve blogged for any amount of time, you can probably attest to the face that blogging is extremely time-intensive.  Depending on your niche, the availability of information and the amount of blog saturation in your particular market, blogging can turn out to be quite the undertaking.  There are times when you’ve got more content […]


Competetive Niches – Do You Think You Must Write A Million Articles To Compete?

It is extremely tough for some Internet marketers to get away from mindsets that hurt their success and ultimately their ego. When first starting out the average Internet marketer is like kid in a candy store, but after a few punches to their ego they stop or lose interest. One of the reasons this happens […]


Core Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Dictation Software To Help You Create Content

We all know that in order to be successful on the Internet you must be able to write articles. Content is the fuel that makes the Internet run, and if you are unable to create content then you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage. The problem for most people is they are unable to […]