The Definitive Guide to Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy – Part 6 Choosing the Right Tools for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

SM strategies and tactics

SM strategies and tacticsThis is part 6 of 7 in series.   You can view the first 5 articles here: Part 1  ,  Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5

Tactics. The Encarta Dictionary built into my MS Word programs defines tactics as – the art of finding and implementing means to achieve immediate or short-term goals

More of than not, when bloggers and SMEs decide to use social media, they jump in with both feet – set up profiles, erect a website, blog more often, start updating their statuses and sending out tweets.  They’re all-in until they inevitably begin to feel that all the time invested into their social media “campaign” is producing very few results.  Well, you can’t build a social media campaign around tactics because tactics / tools always change, according to Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog.  Who remembers when MySpace was the cat’s pajamas?  And aren’t we all slowly but surely poking around Google+ to see if it could possibly be as cool as Facebook?

In Part 5, we discovered that the mid-way point of your SMM Strategy is actually designed to figure out how you will accomplish the goals you’ve set forth.  I uncovered the bump in the road that often tangles people up and has them spinning their wheels.  There are tons of options at the midway point because its where you become aware that there is a seemingly endless supply of options available at the how phase of the plan.  You answered questions like:

  • When should I launch my SMM campaign?
  • How will I engage my customers?
  • How much information should I make available?
  • How often do I engage them?
  • RSS feed or newsletter?
  • How do I keep from overwhelming or underwhelming them?

Now, your mission is to answer one question and one question only for every point on your blueprint – using what?

  • I’m going to engage my customers on social networks using what?  Facebook / LinkedIn Groups
  • I’m going to make sure I can position myself as an authority in my niche using what? A tricked out WordPress editorial blog and a bi-weekly newsletter.

Your purpose is to identify the means by which you will accomplish your goals. By now, you know your audience, your goals, your communication needs and how you plan to communicate (based on what you’ve learned about your audience).  Now you only need to identify what you will use to do those things.  It includes the tools you’ll use for your marketing efforts – blogging, social networks, YouTube, bookmarking, etc.

 In simple application

I haven’t talked to grandma(audience)  in a while. I need to get in touch (goal).  Grandma’s eyes aren’t so great; as such, a letter or text message are out of the question (more audience info).  I’d actually prefer to hear her voice (blueprint/idea).  I’ll use the phone (tactic) to call her.

In SMM application

An entire SMM strategy in one sentence

Remember, your resources also include the people on your team who will own specific social media marketing tasks.  Since you know your neighborhood, you can identify precisely where your users are hanging out.  Identify specifically which tools you will use to carry out the blueprint plans.  As far as your team goes, you’ll know who’s doing what at the end of it all.  That way you can all be accountable for your respective parts of the plan.

Here are a few additional things to consider:

  • Google+ (I think we’re sleeping on that one), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Multi-media platforms like Youtube and Flickr
  • Local social networks –, Yelp, Gowalla, Foursquare
  • Google maps and Google places
  • Groupon, coupons, contests
  • Local business search engines
  • Social networking or blogging?  Blogging or micro-blogging? Media sharing?
  • Will you adapt your message or carry the same message across all platforms?
  • Who do you know that can manage the job?
  • Who is in place to handle the technical side?  The content?
  • How can you use a community group on Facebook or LinkedIn to drive your sales / subscriptions?

Leave a comment below, and…

Happy planning!!

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