The Importance of PageRank for Your Blog

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Page RankI’m sure that most avid bloggers are aware of the term “PageRank”, but what does it mean? Why is it important in the blogging realm? PageRank is a term specific to Google and what it is, is essentially a number indicating the “weight” of a webpage based on how many links there are across the web that link back to that page. For Google, PageRank shows how valuable a webpage is because there are so many places on the internet that point back to that particular page. This shows authority in the web world, and it helps your page show up higher in the search engine results list.  There are several reasons why PageRank is so important, and there are many ways to increase yours.

The Value of PageRank:

PageRank can mean a lot of things, and it the number doesn’t change overnight. It takes time to build PageRank, and it also takes effort and being active in the blogger community.
First off, PageRank is not only the page’s value to Google, but it is also a way to see how much your blog is really worth. Pages with higher PR are seen by Google’s “Web Bots” (Web Bots are the programs sent out to “crawl” the web and find out which pages link where) as more authoritative, more important, and of higher quality.
Secondly, PR plays a role in how Google crawls your site. It sound like a catch twenty-two…but pages with a lower PR are crawled less often, therefore, perpetuating the low number. Pages with a higher PR are crawled more often, and the PR will most likely increase, as Google begins to see updates to the page(s) on your blog, and new links that are created over time.
Thirdly, PR is assigned to each individual page throughout your entire website. Unfortunately, each page counts in your sites overall authority. Pages with low PR can affect the value of your website. Having good PR for each page on your blog is important for your domain authority.
page rank diagramFinally, the best way to view the importance of PR for a web page is like the results of a proficiency exam or a grade report. This is a number that gives an overall “grade” to your web page(s). Pages with a PR of zero to two are probably new sites, and they’ve just recently been indexed by Google. Any web page that is new is automatically assigned a PR of zero to begin. PR of three to six are more reputable pages that include content that is high in quality and have links leading back to them that placed are on high PR sites as well. If a page ranks in the seven to ten range, it’s a boss web page! PR of anything above seven indicates a leader. These are very well known pages that get tons of traffic. Achieving a PR of seven or more takes lots of time, effort, connections and networking.

Basic Ways to Increase Your PageRank:

Now that you understand the importance of PR, let’s talk about how you can start to increase yours, if it’s low.
Let me address the term “back-linking”. You don’t have to be an SEO genius to be familiar with the popularity of the term. Back-linking is the process of building links back to your site that are on other pages. There are tons of ways to get back-links: commenting on other people’s blogs, creating badges that people can place on their sites, and creating content all over the web that contains internal links back to your page.
Another great way to increase PR is to create content, and lots of it. When Google sends the bots out to scour the web, they recognize the amount of content that’s on pages, and longer pages with more content show up as more valuable.
So now, we’ve covered the basics. To reiterate, however, PR is important for two basic reasons: it indicates page value to Google, and it gets you more site traffic. When Google sees a high PR, it will immediately assume that the page is relevant, and when your target keywords are searched, it will show up higher in the search engine results. Being higher in the search engine results means the possibility of more traffic.  More traffic is good for you, and it’s good for your blog too!  Leave a comment below :)

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7 thoughts on “The Importance of PageRank for Your Blog

  1. Ankit

    Nice post. Page rank is more important for every website and blog. Tell me how to improve pagerank in short span of time.

  2. magic sing

    Google Page rank is the ranking system by Google where a website or blog is rated from 0-10. The better the website the higher the page rank will be.

  3. Filez247


    I am doing seo on my website since last 2 to 3 months but still my pr is 0. Could you please have a look at my website and could you give me some suggestions?

  4. Solar Street Light

    Yes I Agree With your post. Such a Page Rank is a play Very Important role for promoting your website. I read your post. Such a great information for increase page rank. I really happy with your post.

  5. Harry Morgan

    after the Penguin, the way Google treat PR would never be the same again in my opinion…
    so i’m waiting to prepare of the next biggest update before rebuild my site…


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