The New Way To Do Article Marketing: Don’t Let Search Engine Changes Destroy Your Business!

Have you noticed lately that article marketing is not as effective as it was before? I mean things were already bad to begin with because of so many people writing bad content. The traffic you would get became less and less, and pretty soon the top tier directories begin to make their standards much tougher.

This has lead to a panic amongst those who rely on content marketing to bring in free traffic. There are a lot of people who worked hard to build up sustainable businesses that paid the bills with this method.

You will hear all the time how you should not put all of your eggs in one basket, and that is certainly the case with article marketing. However, if you still want to make use of article marketing you can. You simply need a new way to do it that will allow you to get the results you want, without having to rely directly on article directories. They will still have a use to you, but only in the form of backlinks to help you rank. I want you to consider these alternatives.

Focus on leveraging the traffic of other sites


The funny thing about using article directories to get traffic is that most people think the traffic comes directly from those who already know about the site. The truth is that most of the traffic comes from the search engines and other marketers. If you want a good alternative for these sites you need to focus on sites that get direct traffic that is not dependent on search engines.

Some of these sites would include social networking sites. It is very rare that you see a piece of content come up in the search engine for one of these sites. I am sure that if the subject and content are compelling enough the creator is getting traffic and building a list if this is their goal.

This is one area you need to focus on, by using social networking sites, engaging readers with your content, and then trying to funnel them to your website you build a following independent of article directories.

Use forums the right way


I do not believe in forum marketing, because the goal should never be to sell anything on these sites unless it is allowed. If you have good content you goal should be to tap into that base, get the people there to trust you, and then come over to your site.

You have to be very natural about this, meaning you want to start a thread naturally and then point them in the direction of an article that is hosted on a private domain that you own. If your content is good enough, and the forum has a reasonable amount of traffic you will get visitors.

What is better is these visitors will be much better quality then what you would get on article directories. After a while you can have the majority of that small forum visiting your site regularly and recommending it to others who may not be apart of that forum. Your list will grow and you will be able to make money off of it for quite some time.

Guest blogging


To me this is one of the best platforms you can use in place of article directories, because they have pools of existing traffic that you can funnel back to your site as well. All you have to do is focus on the creation of good content. Quantity is not going to be the goal here, your goal is going to be creating something that will get read and commented on.

Your mission here is two fold, meaning you want the readers to like your content, and you want the owner of the blog to like your content. There is a good chance they might have a list, and if they do they might be compelled to let you write a piece specifically for it if you add to the value of their blog.

These methods I mentioned are going to be tough for some, because they are still thinking in terms of how many articles they can submit and how much traffic they can receive per article.

I want you to get that out of your head now. Focus on list building for the content you create so you can create income streams free of search engines and article directories. Do not be a victim of the crack down search engines are putting on article directories.

Have you noticed any changes?  Leave a comment below!

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