Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google Plus

A lot of people have never actually heard of Google plus, and for those who have they have no idea what they can do with it. Google plus is similar to a social networking website. It is fused with a myriad of different Google services designed to enhance user experience.

Industry experts say that they platform is engaging, even more so then popular social networking websites like Facebook. It is also far easier to share information and form different social connections.

Google Plus has a user friendly interface

You have to create an account first at Google plus, but once you do you will be able to make use of their home screen. If you are familiar at all with Facebook then you will feel comfortable with the layout. On the homepage of Google Plus you will find videos, posts, photos, and links. You can add +1 to something you think you might like, similar to the social bookmarking website Digg or liking something on Facebook.

Google Plus has chat client talk

Once you start using Google Plus you can activate what they call Google talk. You will be able to fuse your main Google account with this client chat feature. There are links to other applications at the top of the page. You will be able to switch between different programs like Gmail, calendar, photos, reader, and docs.

Four major navigation buttons to make things easy

If you don’t like having to hunt for command buttons, Google Plus makes this easy by having four major ones you can use. There is the home button, the Profile button, the Photos button, and the circles button. People who are accustomed to using social networking sites might not be impresses, but features such as circles is something new. People might not know how to work their way around it yet.

Google Plus has its own version of adding friends

With Google Plus you will be able to build lists of friends similar to what you are able to on Facebook. The platform is called “circles”. You can use this feature to organize all of your online friends and contacts, family members, and work associates into separate groups. This allows you to segment posts and different updates so you are able to send information to specific people within a specific group.
Google Plus allows for video chatting

Google Plus uses a platform called “hangouts”, which is a video chatting feature. Google Plus is one of the only social networking websites to have this feature. Hangouts is a virtual room where the people within a given circle you have can come together and chat. You will be able to see each other in real time. This means you can establish real friendships and get to know people more personally.


Now in order to get started using the Google Plus hangout feature you are going to require special equipment. You will need a good pair of headphones, a microphone, and a webcam. You usually can find laptops and desktops that have a lot of these features built in. So you should not have much of a problem with this. Think about it, with this feature you will always be able to see what friends are doing while you are talking to them.

Google Plus has Sparks, which works similar to RSS feeds with one small twist

If you like using RSS feeds to easily locate information about specific websites, then you are going to love the Sparks feature Google Plus offers. The twist is that it will pull up specific information rather than information about a specific website.  You can learn about new stories, popular articles, and other important websites. Sparks makes it easy to keep easy track of topics you are interested in.


Google Plus makes it easy to chat without using slowing things down

Google Plus uses a feature called Huddles, which allows you to chat using only text. This means no sound, no videos, and nothing that might get you in trouble in certain environments like work. You can use the Huddles feature to organize entire groups of friends you have made to chat at specific times. Huddles is a great tool to keep in touch with coworkers, important business contacts, and it can also be used for promotion.

Give Google Plus a try; you would be surprised at how much it has to offer over other social networking platforms.

Feel free to leave a comment on other valuable tips about Google Plus so people can learn about what they have been missing.

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3 thoughts on “Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google Plus

  1. Nicholas

    Yeah its surprising that a lot of people haven’t heard of google+, but up until a couple of months ago they didn’t really put it out there, and at the same time when it was under beta it was under invitation only.

  2. Kalen

    I don’t use Google Plus often. It really seems like a great interface, but not nearly enough people are using it to make it worth my while at the moment. However, I think I might definitely be up for using it again if it doesn’t feel like I’m reminiscing in a ghost town anymore.

  3. Cody

    We recently added the Google Plus button to our website. Definitely adds some value.

    Did not know much about many of the other features, so thanks for the info!


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