Blog Marketing – Tips to Help You Get Started

These days you are constantly hearing about some new method that is supposed to help you get traffic to your website. It seems people are very quick to write off old ways of doing things, mainly because they were unable to have success.

I wonder have these people ever stopped to think that they are not getting the traffic they would like not because a method does not work, but because they do not stick to it long enough. Blog marketing for example is one of the most powerful ways to get traffic. If it is done right, this is the only “free method” you will ever need to use again.

Getting started with blog marketing


With blog marketing you have to focus on a niche, and it is going to be important for the niche subject to be in your domain name. When you have found a name that works, you will want to have it registered so that you own it.

It is better that the name be as short as possible, if it is not try to include as much of a given keyword related to the niche into the domain. Avoid domains that are not .coms because other types of domains tend not to rank so well.

Picking a blogging platform


After you have found a domain name that works for you, then you will need to figure out what blogging platform would be best for you. The best one to use would be wordpress, because you are able to customize your templates, add plug ins that will make it easy to monetize the site, it is perfect for SEO, and it is easy to learn and understand.

Sticking with other blogs in your niche


You are going to want to have a blog roll so you can add to it link of blog related to your niche. These blogs should be the best you can find, in other words, they should be authorities. You will want to leave comments on these blogs, but they are not going to be your primary focus. You simply will want to be connected to them so others know you are serious.

Submitting your rss feed so others can find it

First things first, you want to find the rss feed link on your website and submit it to as many rss feed directories and blog directories as possible. When it comes to the rss feed you only need to focus on the most prominent. When it comes to blog directories you want to focus on getting your link to as many as possible.

Using press releases for blog marketing


You do not want to only focus on using free methods and free link building methods do you? Some of the best ways to get the best of both worlds, meaning backlinks and traffic would be to use a press release. You can have someone create a press release for your blog or you can decide to make one yourself.

The only problem is you might not be able to do it right the first time, and it might be rejected by some of the websites you hope to submit them to. If you decide to use a paid service to do this, then you can get hundreds of backlinks and obtain good rankings far faster.

Blog commenting like a mad man or women


The best way to do blog marketing would be to focus on leaving your link in platforms that have preexisting traffic. These places would include blogs, and social networking sites. With the social networking websites you should be focusing on building up a list that is targeted towards the subject of your blog. This way whenever you come out with some new content you can simple let them know.

With blog commenting the name of the game is a combination of quantity and quality. You can use Google blog search tool to find a large number of blogs in your niche that get steady traffic to each post. You would like for the number to be at least a couple hundreds readers per post.

A good way to know this would be to use or to look for at least a few blog comments. For every comment you see, there were probably ten to twenty people who read the post. Comment on these blogs regularly, and make sure your posts contribute something of real value so it is noticed. Successful blog marketing could not get any simpler then this.

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  1. Rae Peterson

    Dear Robin,
    On a similar note,, Or do I have to pay out for a added ‘professional’ site domain?

    Also: Is it truly worth it to be an affiliate marketer? How a great deal could I make with a 100 % free website, working component-time on it, and not paying out something to increase my blogging site research rankings? Is running an affiliate merchandising blog a beneficial issue (economically) to do when I can only do it portion-time – or is it an item that requires a whole time employee?
    Good Job!


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