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We’ve all heard of blog commenting, but not everyone knows the right way to go about it.  Commenting on popular blogs in your niche is an amazing way to expand your reach, and find new readers who will be interested in following your content.  Commenting on related blogs with a large audience can be very easy to do, but must be done with one thing in mind.  That one thing is “Providing Value”.  If you simply leave a comment such as, “Great post on social media John, keep it up!” then you’re likely to be marked as a spammer.

Now, some people might be ask themselves, “what’s wrong with that comment?  Sure it isn’t very detailed, but at least they mentioned the author’s name”

The problem with a comment like that, is that it looks as if the reader barely skimmed the blog post and left a comment within 15 seconds of visiting the blog.  Not only is this a possible insult to the author, it doesn’t add any value what so ever!  Think about it… Would you want to click through to that commenter’s website after reading that?  I know I wouldn’t.  On the other hand, if their comment added some amazing value to the discussion, then I’d want to check out their blog to see what else they might have to say.  It just makes sense!

Do NOT waste your efforts with blog commenting.  Make every moment count, and actually READ their post before leaving a comment.  You might actually learn something new yourself!
When you regularly contribute high quality “Value Added” content to some high traffic respected blogs in your niche, you’ll start to get highly targeted visitors to your site.  The whole process only takes maybe 5-6 minutes per blog post, and since that post will likely be there for a long time, you can expect click-through traffic for years to come.  Now imagine if you left just 5 comments per day for a whole year! That’s over 1800 blog comments (all with valuable content!).  Heck, if you can handle it, do 10 a day!

In order to systemize this process a bit, you’re going to need to set up an RSS reader so that you can follow 10 blogs or so that are in your niche market.  I highly recommend using Google Reader for this purpose. Preferably,  these blogs should be high traffic blogs where each post they make, gets a lot of commenting activity!  You want to work your way into the discussions with other bloggers, as well as the site owners themselves.  Provide massive value in your comments and get on their radar!  You should also only start out following blogs that you personally find are interesting.  This is simply because, when their content is interesting to you, it’s much easier for you to leave a valuable comment.

Another great idea is to find high traffic blogs that use the “Com Luv” plugin.  This plugin allows you to add a link to your last blog post on your blog.  (Actually you can choose one of your last few blog posts)  It looks like this:

Pretty much, if you follow several popular blogs in your niche, and leave value comments regularly, then you’ll start getting a lot of traffic!  Best of all, it’s HIGHLY TARGETED traffic!  It’s definitely one of the easiest free traffic sources out there.  It delivers consistent results, and puts you right in front of your audience.  If you haven’t been blog commenting, then start today.  In fact, set up your Google Reader right now, and find 10 blogs to follow.  See if you can leave 1 comment on at least 5 of them before you go to bed!

Share your experiences with blog commenting below.  I’d love to hear them!

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11 thoughts on “Traffic Tuesday – “Added Value” Blog Comments

  1. Eugene@mobile application development companies

    Hi Ben!
    Absolutely agree with you – blog commenting should be taken more serious than just “thanx” posts if you want to get some good traffic for it. And then, making valuable comments to the blog you can make friends with the author of the blog. And that’s a pretty good result as well))

  2. Emilia

    I agree with you on leaving comments like “Great job” or “Keep up the good work” not being enough, Ben. BUT, and there is a huge BUT!
    I do not agree on marking these people as spam.

    I usually get like 20 rubbish comments on my blog and I just trash the unwanted ones, not SPAM mark them. I realized too that a lot of my comments won’t show up either, this is probably because my link is slight commercial, although I leave valuable comments. Sometimes I see that people accept my comment, BUT delete my CommentLuv link. This I find unethical.

    What is your opinion on this matter?

    • Ben Post author

      Hi Emilia. I don’t mark people as spam that post comments like that either (unless of course it’s pointing to a fake prescription drug / Adult content site or something…), however, there ARE people out there that will mark you as spam. That’s why I strongly suggest leaving value added comments so that you are making the most out of your blog commenting, and are sure to get approved the first time.

      As far as deleting a comluv link after the fact, but keeping someones comment, I agree that’s not ethical at all.

  3. Jeff Casmer

    Did you ever hear of the old adage that you catch more flies with honey? Erasing the commentluv link is dirty pool and I am not going to spend my time looking to see if someone has done that. Usually what goes around comes around. Provide good solid content and you will be rewarded!

  4. Gaurang J

    You opened my eyes. Really a great post explaining deeply how to leave a comment. As comment is always a great source of traffic generation. Thanks for the share.

  5. HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post Ben,

    One of the things that I really like about Commenting is that it can make the blogging lot’s more into actual Conversations, it can also actually give you inspiration and new ideas for
    – Crispy Fresh – new Blogposts.

    I also like blogs that have Com Luv, and frequently when I see a title that attracts my attention I like to take a look at other blogs that way.

    ‘Talking about
    Attracting the Attention…,’

    How about taking a look at post about a Business where you can Schedule your own Time? Because that is one of the many posts I recently wrote about that you can read on my – Home Business Lifestyle – Blog, and you are welcome to

    ‘Join the Conversation(s).’

  6. Edmund

    I never use blog commenting before until the friend of mine suggest to do so. I spend about 6 minutes to read some posts/articles to get an idea.

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