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Traffic Tuesday!

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Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to create brand awareness for your business, drive free targeted traffic, interact with customers, and build a long term sustainable business. But you’d be surprised at how many people put up videos that aren’t optimized properly. Most video marketers focus on a cookie cutter approach, which ensures they get mediocre results at best.

You can’t do this and hope to succeed long term, especially when there is so much competition. Below are some steps you can take before posting a video in order to optimize it properly. By making a few small changes you’ll begin to see a dramatic increase in  your video views as well as traffic to your site.

Making sure everything is relevant

The metadata of your YouTube videos is very important, because the website has a very powerful algorithm that focuses on it. Videos are displayed in relation to relevancy, certain keywords that are used, the title of your videos, and other factors. If your goal is to show up in search queries, you need to make sure everything is focused on the same subject.

Encouraging viewers to rate your video

Just as with anything, once other people see that something is popular, they will be more likely to check it out. You need to encourage rating for the videos you put on YouTube. Focus on the quantity of ratings you get rather than the quality. Everyone is not going to leave a well thought out review. But when people leave a rating it shows the search algorithm that your video may be deserving of wider promotion.

Encourage responses for your YouTube Videos

You may not think it, but YouTube cares a lot about the responses left by viewers. That is why you should never disable the comments option. When people take the time to write responses for your videos, YouTube assumes your videos must be worth something in terms of value, because if it were not people would not bother to respond. The more responses, whether they are good or bad, the more likely your video will move up in search results.

Focusing on the video you create to optimize responses and views

YouTube, as good as it is, does have a few flaws. People do not want to watch long videos, and if you make one that is too long there is a good chance people will not get to the end. So keep your videos shorts, usually under 3 minutes if possible. If you go to YouTube you will notice that videos that do well are almost never more 3 minutes, usually much shorter.

Making sure the sound quality is crisp and clear

The sound quality of your videos needs to be crisp and clear when making videos to place on YouTube. You may also want consider using keywords even in your audio. I have no way to verify this, but it is said that Google can actually index audio.

Creating the title to your YouTube videos

You need to create a title for your videos like you would for an advertisement. The goal is to get people to click through just as they would if they were looking to buy something from an advertisement you were doing. YouTube monitors the clickthrough rate of your videos, and the more you get the more likely it is your video will be displayed in popular search results.

Make sure you are including keywords in your title where it counts the most, the beginning. Do not make a title that is too long, because it might not get read. Make sure you focus on creating a powerful title, one that will grab attention and be remembered.

The descriptions of your YouTube Videos

Any descriptions you create for your videos must have the keywords you are using prominently displayed at the beginning. You do not have to focus on length in this instance. You can make it a little bit longer, because it might show up in search engines. Use the title to provide specific information about the content of your videos.  Include a website URL at the beginning as well, this will help with visibility.

At the beginning I spoke of using a cookie cutter approach to video marketing, what I meant was people doing things the same way every time. You do not want to do this, which is why I advise never using automation software. Do everything yourself and make sure it looks natural. YouTube has been cracking down lately on spammy looking videos. Make sure your does not look like one.
What do you feel works to get your video highly viewed on YouTube? Do you believe these methods are enough or is there other information video marketers can benefit from? Comment below and let’s get a discussion going.

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19 thoughts on “Traffic Tuesday – Optimize Your Youtube Videos For More Traffic

  1. Allen Anderson

    How I wish I knew how to create videos. I’ve always wanted to create videos because I suck in writing articles. But unfortunately, neither I am good in creating videos. Thanks Robin for the tips. Can you suggest a good video editor? I’ve found Camtasia studio good but I’m not satisfied.

  2. Josh

    Hey Allen what about camtasia didn’t you like? too complex or not enough features?
    I use sony vegas sometimes when camtasia just isn’t enough. It’s great for green screening and other things.
    For simpler windows movie maker is actually pretty good. The latest version of movie maker live has a lot of great features and is fairly easy to use.


  3. djtremolo

    Utlizing Youtube and other video services for extra traffic is a very good idea no matter how you do it. And I wouldn’t be too concerned of tweaking the metadata, though it might help a bit.

  4. John Allen

    Awesome tips here, my friend. And one thing I’ve noticed that works a lot when it comes to video marketing, is to push our viewers to visit our blog or to add us on twitter or facebook by mentioning it at the start and end of our videos. Plus it also nice that it helps to get our name out there.

    • Ben

      Great points! We always try to brand our videos at the beginning, end, and even with a watermark. It’s also a great idea like you said, to share your social media profiles as well.

  5. Josh

    One thing I’d like to add, unless I missed it, is to put your url link in the description first thing. This gives you a good backlink as well as an easy way for people to click and get to your site right away!

  6. Jass

    Youtube videos are one of the great way to get instant traffic but until we didn’t optimize them properly we can’t rip this source perfectly. Thanks for pointing out great notable points in this post.

  7. Anna

    I found here great encouraging to try harder and doing better videos.because I find this very difficult and I was about to quit – but I know it is crucial for blog traffic:)

  8. Ileane

    Nice tips Robin. I agree with what Josh said about adding a link in your description. I use Screencast-o-matic to record my vids – have you tried that one yet?
    Thanks for the post.

  9. Rizwan Sultan

    I’m into article marketing, but I just started video marketing after I discovered that Ezine Articles is a PR7 site, while YouTube’s is PR8. I’ve tried the Article2Video product, but prefer Article Video Robot. Good luck with your efforts here.

  10. Lee Woodruff

    It took me a long time to get into video marketing, thinking it required a lot of effort. However relatively simple productions achieved great results. The great tips here on this blog should help any novice.

  11. Ellie

    Excellent article! I am not an internet marketer. I have recently started up a WP blog on anxiety attacks and am looking for ways to ‘get the word out’ about my site. You provided some very helpful tips. Thank you:)


  12. Beth

    Good point about optimising the sound to make it crisp and clear, you see to many youtube videos that have poor sound quality. I’m about to start video marketing using Windows Movie Maker so these tips will come in handy.

  13. Polly

    I gotten a lot traffic from tagging videos with relevant keywords. Sometimes using keywords of what other similar videos as my tags seems to help in rankings.

  14. Kenny Sewell

    I was hesitating a lot to try video marketing but a friend of mine showed me how easy it is actually and today I can’t imagine a site promotion without video marketing. Worth all the hassels.

  15. Bhavesh Sondagar

    Optimizing YouTube video is specially helpful when we are earning from YouTube video by enabling adsense ads there.
    In my case I was just uploading video and leave it as it is,so I think I should try this to optimize my YouTube videos.
    Thanks Robin for sharing.

  16. Ashleen Moreen

    I totally agree with you. Video marketing is powerful when it comes to traffic and Youtube is the best place for this.


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