Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 2

A lot of Internet marketers seem to have a morbid fear of using paid methods. One of the reasons for this is because they are constantly hearing stories about how someone lost their shirt while trying to use paid traffic. No one wants to lose a lot of money, so people look for safer ways to get the ball going. What some people do not understand though is even with free methods their still comes a risk. It is those risks I am going to focus on in part two of this series.

Paid methods, although some of them can be quite expensive offer more leveraging ability. This is the only true ways a serious Internet marketer can ramp up their earnings if they are serious about doing this. Paid methods may be risky, but when you hit on something that works you can pound it for several thousands of dollars and leverage that success for a long time. With free methods it is usually tougher to do this, and here is why.

Free methods main disadvantage


Most free methods revolve around you creating content or some form of content. It can be Youtube marketing, forum marketing, article marketing, or some other platform. Your goal is to create content that is going to be engaging and then put it up on one of these platforms. You are hoping that with the domain authority you can get first page Google rankings with the keywords you have chosen. Sometimes you will be able to do this and sometimes you will not.

The main problem with these platforms though is you do not have any way of really knowing if your keywords are going to rank. You can crank out article after article for a keyword you researched heavily only to find out it is still not ranking. Most Internet marketers think they know the solution, and that is to saturate a given site with a bunch of articles for those keywords, but this does not work either and it usually ends up hurting future marketers who hope to use free traffic.

With free methods you are limited


One of the primary reasons I say this is because most Internet marketers usually use free methods and hope to make direct affiliate sales. Making affiliate sales especially for expensive products is not an easy task to say the least. Even if you make a few you cannot count on making those sales in the future. There is no way to ramp it up, there is no way to really leverage the success of what you have done, unless of course you decide to do what is mentioned in the next paragraph.

Going from free to paid


This is only my personal opinion, and I truly believe this should be the goal of any serious Internet marketer. Free methods are good, but oftentimes they bring in money that is so undependable you cannot bank on it alone. Yes, you might get lucky and make 10.000$ from a free marketing campaign, but those instances are the exception and not the rule. Most people only bring in a handful of sales over the course of the month, and that is if they are lucky.

Your goal should be to create the best content you can the first time and use it for the purpose of list building. Once you have built up even a small list you want to focus on monetizing that list. With the money you make from your list you will have two options. The first option will be to pocket the money and be happy with what you have.

You can try to scale up the free methods you are using, but of course you are at the mercy of the free platforms you are using. You second choice would be to use some of that money to start investing in paid methods, which give you far more power over your business then free methods do. You can have a one two punch, that way if free methods become too tiresome you can go with paid methods full time.

The fact of the matter is, free methods are not entirely free. With free methods you are investing a resource that is far more valuable then money, and that resource would be time. You can spend a lot of trial and error trying to figure out what works. You can do the same with paid methods, but the offer far more pros then cons. I am going to focus on this in the last part of this article series.

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3 thoughts on “Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 2

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  3. Sire

    Most people use the free method because they haven’t the cash or expertise to use the paid methods. Let’s face it if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re simply throwing money away, especially if you’re getting un-targeted traffic.

    I would only use a paid method if I was running an actual business that was selling a product and needed to drive traffic there. I wouldn’t use it to build traffic to my blog. I’d rather the free route for that.


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