Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 3

Using free methods is the desire of most Internet marketers who do not want to lose money using paid methods. I understand this completely, but I will also say that with free methods you are still investing something. You are investing time, and lots of it into platforms that have the power to close you account at any time they want. You are investing a lot of time into platforms that do not like marketers. You are investing a lot of time into platforms that may ultimately limit what you are able to do.

Do you believe you can build up a multi thousand dollar a month business while having your business at the mercy of someone else? Now I understand that paid methods have their cons to, most people think of Google in this respect. Google however is not the only option you can use. If something were to happen your account with them you can just decide to use another paid option that would be just as powerful if not more powerful. I am going to make the argument for paid methods in the upcoming paragraphs.

Testing with paid methods


My major issue with free methods is that there is no way to really test them to see what is going to work and what is not going to work. You are usually investing your time in niche research, keyword research, picking the right place to put the article, and then hoping they accept it. If you go through all of this you are then hoping the article will rank on the first page of the search engines, because this is where the majority of traffic comes from.

What makes it even worse is most of the keywords people go for are usually long tail and do not get that much traffic to begin with. So if you do not reach the first page you are will most likely not get any traffic. The only way to test out anything with free methods would be seeing if other people are ranking for some of the keywords you are going for on some of the platforms you hope to put your content. You can then try to beat them out, but you might have to build hundreds of backlinks to do so.

You would’ve spent countless hours putting this all together only to make a few affiliate sales if you are lucky. With free methods you are able to tests things much better and make the proper adjustments if something does not work. You can even do this when you are using forum traffic, which is a free method but brings up a whole other set of problems. Paid methods allow you to experiment with placement of ads.

Paid methods allow you to experiment with as many keywords as you like. Paid methods allow you to experiment with what platform you want to use such as banners, text ads, pay per view ads. Paid methods allow you to test cheaply to see what works and then dump the losers so you are able to focus your efforts on the winners. Once you do this you can pour far more money into what is working and build a list much faster.

You will also be able to generate money much faster. With free methods you cannot go in and change your title at the drop of a whim if you feel another one would pull better. You cannot take it off of one site and put it on another. You cannot multiply your traffic times however many you want overnight. With free methods you are limited in every sense of the word.

You can decide to use blog commenting and forum traffic to get free traffic, but these platforms take time as well. I honestly feel they offer more leverage because you are usually tapping into pools of heavy traffic. Paid traffic however allows you to be in control, because everyone is winning. You are not hoping to leverage the hard work someone else put in to build up his or her site to make money. I feel free methods should only be used to get your feet wet in the game of Internet marketing.

You can decide to have other people do the work for you when it comes to free methods, but of course you will have to pay them and this will then make it a paid method. All I want readers of this series to take away from it is to not be scared to use paid methods. Set aside some money you are not scared to lose or test with.

Purchase a good book by a respected expert about using multiple types of paid traffic so you feel better when you finally do decide to give it a shot. Do not limit your Internet marketing efforts because you are afraid to invest in yourself.

So what are your thoughts on all 3 articles in this series?  Please share in the comments below.  Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Using Free Methods To Drive Traffic In Internet Marketing: The Pros And Cons Part 3

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  3. Gabriella - The Stepford Wife

    Sometimes I feel that you do not even have to go and pay for anything – all one has to be is passionate and show some determination. Not everyone can make blogging work, but not to say you cannot try – I say that 90% of people can make it work over time and a little work.


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