Using Twitter For Blog Traffic: Utilizing Topics To Contribute Value In Order To Create Traffic To Your Own Websites

Using twitter for blog traffic can be an extremely powerful strategy only if it is executed in a way that allows for the constant scaling of past results. Twitter, just like any social media website is dependent upon two things for its success. Firstly, people must visit on a regular basis to contribute valuable content that people will care about. Secondly, it is dependent upon personal social interaction between its users. You will want to keep these two things in mind if you will be using twitter for blog traffic.

Social platforms such as twitter really aren’t all that difficult to figure out. I believe all too often people become so focused on adding as many followers as they can that they lose sight of the real value of twitter. The real value comes in its ability to funnel traffic from a ready-made traffic source back to your own blog. When you do this you are building your own online real estate and eventually you will not have to depend on twitter or any other social media platform as much as you may need to now.

One of the best ways to funnel traffic from ready-made sources like twitter would be to focus more on topics rather than adding a bunch of followers. Your blog probably has a core theme, and you can use that theme to find subjects on twitter that you can focus in on. This way your time will not be wasted on twitter. Let me give you a few ways this can be done properly.

Gathering keywords related to your blog

Before you do anything it is going to be important for you to look over your blog and write down any keyword phrases you feel are relevant. The more keyword phrases you have the better, but you want them to be focused on one central subject. You’re going to be using these keywords to head over to twitter and use their interface to look for topics related to the keywords you will be typing in. Try to collect at least half a dozen keywords related to your blog.

Utilizing these keywords on twitter

Once you have gathered enough keywords you will want to individually type them into twitters search engine in order to come up with a string of searches related to each keyword. You would then be able to see any instance of anyone mentioning these keywords and the core topics that are related to. You now need a strategy to utilize this information. Things move quite quickly on twitter, you want to quickly research whether or not your subject is a hot topic at the moment.

You want to tweet information that uses the search strings. Seeing as how you only get a limited number of characters to do so, your tweet has to convey enough information in order to draw enough interest. If you are able to do this your blog can experience a nice amount of traffic in a very short period of time.

The goal however should be to capture some of this traffic for the future of course. This can best be done by having an opt in form on your blog or having content so compelling that people will remember it in the future. You cannot bank on this though; you need to really harness the traffic you receive. You will want to encourage other people to tweet your blog posts to their list of followers.

This is where a very powerful viral effect can be created, all without you having to add a large number of followers on your own. You will have the option to do this though, and it can possibly provide a steady stream of traffic it done consistently.

Using twitter for blog traffic is becoming one of the best ways to quickly build a new blog to a respectable entity. You can take a blog that has just been created and within a very short period of time start receiving hundreds of visitors per day. It will not all have been once though, the topic of your blog and the value of your posts have to be good enough to make people care.

If your blog is able to do this then you will enjoy a steady increase in traffic from people constantly tweeting your posts to others. On the other hand if your blog posts are subpar and offer little in the name of value, then you cannot expect to get any real traffic increase.

How are YOU using Twitter for traffic?  Post your ideas / thoughts below.

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