Ways to get More “Likes” on Facebook

Getting likes on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With the right approach you can get plenty of likes. You must have a good approach in order to get those likes consistently. One way to do this is to start posting a status update about your page more frequently.

When you create new page you want to let people know right away about it, and then you will want them to like it. You do not have to feel hesitant in this approach. When you do this people will respond in a good way.

Get more likes by getting more traffic

You need to get more traffic if your goal is to get more Facebook likes. One good method you can use to drive traffic to your Facebook page would be to take pictures of yourself with groups of people and then put them on the site. You can then ask people to tag themselves and their friends in the picture. You can then have your friends put more pictures on your page.

Try to get involved in as many groups as you can

Joining groups is an effective means of promotion when it comes to ideas, your opinions and your messages. When you have a Facebook page it sends updates to people consistently. When you are involved in groups messages will be sent to people’s Facebook inbox directly, which will set off an email alert. You will be able to get a lot of likes this way.

Try offering some sort of an incentive for people to like your page

You can create content that is going to be exclusive to your fans and only your fans. With this approach people will be compelled to click the like button just for the purpose of gaining access to the content they want to see. The content can be video, audio, and even exclusive articles you decide to write just for your fans. Just make sure it is something truly different from what you would normally do.

Considering installing a Facebook page Badge for your website

If you decide to use a Facebook badge it is going to be simply for you to link any webpage you want to your Facebook profile. Trust me when I tell you that a Facebook badge is better than a widget might be. Installing a Facebook badge allows for faster loading times. This will lead to an increase in likes.

Use status tagging in order to get more Facebook likes

Using status tagging is a feature that a lot of people are unsure about, but it is a good way to get likes. Status tagging is easy to use, you can decide to tag any webpage you want or even a person simply by typing the @ sign before the page or the person’s name you want to tag. You can tell friends about them and tell them to use it by tagging the page.

Be sure to use the suggest feature in order to get more Facebook likes

You can get more likes by suggesting pages to friends. This is easily done if you use the suggest to friends option on your Facebook page. You must make sure you are careful with this option, because you do not want to overdo things or irritate people. Use this option to suggest things when you feel it is right.

Be sure to install a Facebook like box directly on your website

You can decide to use the traffic you get to your website to get people to like you on Facebook without even having to navigate away from your website. All you have to do is install a Facebook page like box on your website.

You can then use the box builder tool to easily customize the box any way you want and make adjustments to its size, the number of connections displayed, and how it looks. This way it will look nice to friends and other visitors that come to your website.

Getting Facebook likes is a science, but it is one that can be mastered with consistent application of the right methods. Put what I mentioned in this article to use to start seeing an improvement in Facebook likes.

Got more ideas on how to get likes on Facebook? Share with the community so we can all build our online social media powerhouse.

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