What is Liveblogging?

Are you still doing blogging the old fashioned way? You should try liveblogging; it is a powerful method that is meant to give viewers continuous textual coverage on a live event, such as a seminar or a conference.

Liveblogging has been on the rise since the mid-2000s, and you are falling behind if you are not using it. Liveblogging is so powerful because it is similar to someone watching a live event on television.

There are always events going on in a certain niche or conferences you can attend for the purpose of doing live blogging. It is like having a seminar on your website without actually being the one giving it.

You will have the chance to promote various products and network with other people in a given niche. In order to do liveblogging successfully though, you will need to understand the process from beginning to end.


What to do before an event begins if you do liveblogging

The first thing you need to do is answer the questions who, why, what, when, and where. You want to be as specific as possible here.  It would help you if you knew what the end goal was for doing a liveblog to begin with. Here are some possible reasons;

  • Capturing content for your own personal utilization
  • Creating content for blog readers to see
  • Compiling the information into tips to share with others when you go to live events and seminars

Liveblogging gives you a chance to study people who are viewed as experts in a certain niche. Once you get a feel for who they are this will open doors for you to network with them. Being attached to someone who is a respected authority is the best way to show your niche you are seriously invested in them.

Creating buzz when you do live blogging

If you decide to try liveblogging, make sure you write a pre-event post. Make a list of all the areas you will be covering during an event. By creating a pre post you will help your readers and subscribers know what is to come in a well organized fashion. You will have the opportunity to mention all the speakers at a live event, and this should attract the attention of Google alerts.

When you go to live events related to a certain niche, do not be afraid to approach some of the speakers if you can. Try to get them to give you some information about what is to come that is designed solely for your liveblogging event. You should be able to gather a good compilation of information.

Other actions to perform pre liveblogging

  • Identify specific sessions, topics, and hooks that will draw in readers to your live blogging event
  • Consider live tweeting, it works well with liveblogging
  • Get other people to help you cover more ground for your liveblogging event in regards to approaching people before an event begins
  • Pre-write portions of the post for information readers will be familiar with
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment to make a liveblogging effort work. You will lead to have a fully charged laptop, camera or phone, a backup internet source and a power strip.

What to do while a live even is taking place with liveblogging

You will want to make sure you are mentally prepared for what is to come. You might have a lot of people who come to your blog to see the liveblogging event you are doing. You will want to type fast and without errors. You will need to multitask, taking photos, live tweeting, and making adjustments during the event.

Find a seat near the front of the event so you are able to take good photos. You will not be able to do video most of the time. Sitting upfront is also a great way to capture the attention of speakers who may notice what you are doing. Sitting upfront will also give you an advantage because it makes it easier to approach speakers after the event.

Try to stick to a format that works for you if you do a liveblog. Speakers will sometimes talk in a way that makes it hard for you to capture every word they are saying. So aim to get the meat, the best pieces, quotes, statistics, and other valuable chunks of information.

What to do after the event is over with liveblogging

After you are finished you want to share the post with as many people on your social networking accounts as possible. If you are using Twitter make sure you use the event name as the hashtag.

Make sure you do a quick summary post to quickly go over everything you covered. You can include images, video interviews and tweets you made. Another great way to add punch to the end of a liveblog you do is to add video commentary given by you.

Liveblogging may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Going to events, seminars, and conferences in a particular niche and doing a liveblog will make your blog more exciting, add credibility for future content you create, and help you connect with your niche like never before.

Have you done liveblogging before? Feel free to comment and tell others how liveblogging has helped you and how it can help others.

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3 thoughts on “What is Liveblogging?

  1. Anna

    I have hear about his from a friend of mine who is an experienced blogger but I didn’t know any details at all. But I must admit that for me writing every time capturing content is very hard…:(

  2. Oluwatobi Soyombo

    I have heard about it before but I am not fully into it. Please, can you provide a link to a WordPress Theme or Plugin that i can use to do this. I have tried the “live blogging theme, but I really do not like it”. Thank you in anticipation of your response


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