Why Article Writing Is At The Core Of Any Marketing Strategy And Why You Cannot Ignore It

There are a lot of people out there that seem to hate writing articles. To some people article writing is to them what water is to a cat. These are the type of people who will go out of their way to avoid writing articles, but it is something that must be confronted at some point.

If you are truly serious about being a successful marketer in any form, then your ability and willingness to write articles is going to be crucial. If you want to know why writing articles is at the core of most marketing strategies and why you cannot ignore it here are a few reasons why.

Articles are usually the first impression

Assuming you are not a door-to-door salesman, you are not going to be face to face with your prospects. You are asking people to do something very intimate, and that is part with the cash in their pocket. In order for people to be willing to do this, first they must need and want your product and or service.

You will need to sell them on the benefits to convince them. If you do not do this face to face, as most people won’t then how is it going to be done? Most likely you will be using written words in the form of advertising messages or articles to convince them of the value your products and or services has to offer them.

If this is the case, then the first impression a prospect is going to have of you is going to be your written words. Your words in this sense will become a representation of you and the quality you are going to offer them. If you cannot write articles or good written messages, then you may have to employ the services of someone who can.

Influence and desire

Sometimes there will be people who want to buy your products and services, but they will not make things easy for you. People want to feel valued, think of it as sort of a courtship kind of thing. In this case if there is not going to be any actual face-to-face contact, your written materials or articles become the device or platform you will use to create a strong sense of desire in them.

Using powerfully created content that is designed to influence people to take a desired action will do this. Once this happens it will possibly lead to a long-standing and profitable business relationship between you and the customer.

Providing value before a sale is made

Writing articles or good written messages have so much power concerning any marketing strategy you come up with primarily because they can be an effective means to give value without selling something first. If your goal is to sell a product or service to someone that is on the expensive side especially, then you might boost your conversion rate if you are able to offer some value first.

The value you offer is going to be a sign of things to come, and it must be able to convince someone that they value they would pay for is going to be worth it. So in a sense you are getting the chance to convert everyone into a sale by means of articles or written content.

Entertainment value in written material

Writing articles or good written messages is at the core of most marketing strategies because they can provide more then just one sort of value. Articles and messages written a certain way can provide entertainment value for some people. There are people who will buy your products and services solely because you created a piece of material that really entertained them.

Sometimes they might not purchase what you are selling, but the entertainment value of your articles or written messages might be enough to convince them to take a further look at what you have to offer. From this point on it will be up to you to have something that will close the deal.

As you can see, if you do not like to write articles or you are questioning your ability to do it effectively, then you must find a way to get rid of the fear. This fear is the one thing that will keep you from being a successful marketer. You must face it sooner or later and there is no better time then now to start.

I have given you some very matter of fact reasons why article creation and written content is so crucial. Now it is going to be up to you to determine if your marketing strategy can afford to not have articles or good written content at the core.

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21 thoughts on “Why Article Writing Is At The Core Of Any Marketing Strategy And Why You Cannot Ignore It

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  2. Moses B

    A well written article is one of the first aspects that a visitor notices. If you are writing poorly written articles then you site will suffer. It will also have less comments associated with it as well, so keep up these good articles!

  3. Davinci Solidarios

    Informative, witty, and entertaining. This article has a lot to contradict to people who has fears with writing to prove something. Although I must say that tips should be given here(like what things to include to promote your service or improve your level or persuasiveness). But overall, this article can be an eye opener to people either has fears with writing or to the ones who do not believe that articles can be a weapon for marketing strategy.

  4. JCjee

    I agree that it is important to create a good impression to your readers. Starting your article with an impact will keep your visitors such that they will read your article down to the last word.

    I also believe that “Content is king.” Articles should be well-written and contain quality information; otherwise, you will fail to draw the interest of your audience to revisit your blog.

  5. Ayong Carlson

    Very educative article. Like the chronology in presentation of material. It clearly explains the need for article writing as a marketing tool. This article has given me a whole new view on the importance of article writing, and encouraged me to abolish all my fears relating to article writing. I think I will write article more often from today.

  6. Michael Sherman

    Matter of fact, to say the least. The article gets right to the point without the usual schmooze that tries to soft peddle a reader into believing that they might have interests or skills that they really don’t possess. The article is not only blunt, but it provides the reader who does acknowledge what lies before them with some very good tips on writing articles. In short, the reader is asked to be honest with themselves about what will have to be done in order for their venture to become successful.

  7. Galen

    I think the internet has made article writing even more important now than in the past. A well-written sample is your first impression, and a persuasive one will more than make up for the effort it took to write. Keep defending the written word!

  8. Maria D.

    In order to write an effective article especially the ones to be used for Marketing Strategies, this requires a well thought, organized, researched and measured words because you have a particular target to reach.

    To some, they undervalue the power of written marketing strategies, but indeed it is a powerful tool to use in influencing people to visualize what they desire.

    Creating articles would require a good skill, a touch of wisdom and a creative mind to produce entertaining yet marketable content.

  9. Rehan Jaffer

    Another aspect I’ve personally noticed with marketing strategies based around providing content is that they establish a personality associated with the product and brand being sold. Often the anti-consumer populist culture we live in is against big corporations and faceless sellers, faces and conversations make customers feel like they’re buying from an actual entity rather than a monolithic corporation only interested in their money.

  10. Destination Infinity

    I never knew that Cats and Water don’t go well with each other. :) What you say is right – Providing value + engaging content (entertainment) is crucial for the success of an Online venture.

    But some people try to provide too much value by writing long sales pitches. I have seen this both on websites and email newsletters. So, in my opinion knowing where to draw the line while keeping the readers engaged is important. I like your dancing favicon, BTW. :)

  11. Salman Latif

    With social media actively taking over the realm of marketing, it is inevitable that the sales pitch be modified too – and in the context of online social media marketing, article writing is indeed the most important aspect of the sales pitch. You do cite some very valid points as to why is writing good articles important. But it’d have done good if you had posted tips about how to tweak articles to make them more entertaining, more capturing for the reader and consequently, more profitable for the marketing strategy.

  12. Paola

    I do agree that article writing is at the core of most marketing strategies nowadays. It is crucial like other business promotional tools that will make you a successful marketer. Articles with powerfully and inteliigently created content influence much prospective clients to take a look on what you have to offer. So, I must say that article writing really is one important thing to be paid attention with and not be taken for granted.

  13. Kelli

    So true. I just cringe every time I have to sit down to the computer to write. But in business, it’s necessary to make the sale.

  14. antonio manuel tady


    I agree with you that an article can be a selling point of a product. In the service industry having a good article presented in good format will nail a sale. But in the consumer industry the article should form part of the packaging. most point of sale of a consumer product is in the shelf. so a good packaging coupled with informative article will do the trick.


  15. jc alona

    writing articles are really something to take into consideration if you want to achieve better profits especially when you’re dealing with your market who you do not see in person. it is some sort of persuading them to buy your product through a means of letter where they can read and be motivated to purchase what you offer them.

    -jc alona

  16. Hazel G. Margallo

    One very important thing to remember in article writing is “to think before you write.” It is true that what you think and the words that come out into a person’s mouth can really tell us the kind of person he/she is. That is why good english writing and communication skills has a vital role in any marketing strategy. This is the way of convincing someone to make believe on what you say and the services or products you offer. There may be times that not all clients will be convinced immediately but in the long run,with the good writing skills one will possess it can let them to further look into it.

  17. R.L. Deeter


    I think you are spot on in your observations and have put a lot of useful information into your article. You have a very conversational style that is easy to read, too. I think there are still many marketers out there who do not recognize the value of well written articles about their products or who are too afraid to attempt it on their own. Your article clearly outlines the benefits of writing articles. Well done!

  18. Kari R.

    With emerging technology and an ever-evolving digital world, marketing in all forms is especially crucial. Article writing engages your customers, helps create an educated need for your products/services, and allows you to become a resource for the viewer. In order to stay competitive, no marketing avenue should go untouched.

  19. Vykky Ayers

    Informational as well as helpful. I took note of the phrase “first they must need or want” as the key to solid article presentation. Using the friendly approach of likening internet writing to a door to door salesman is not only familiar but right on the mark as the goal of a writer is to hook and hold the reader. Well done! (Side note: Proof-readers are our friends – I’d like to see the following grammar corrected: “that they value they would pay for is…” to “that the value they would pay for is…”. Many thanks).

  20. markoting

    Ola! Robin,
    Very interesting Publish – I don’t care what all the snooty uppity authors may say, when you write and submit an article and it gets picked up by web site and newsletter publishers, you are a published author!
    Keep up the posts!

  21. Anne@Freelance

    Well i think that the reason article writing is so important is simply because people want to read interesting, up-to-date and unique things. And if you catch the readers attention you can be confident that they will choose your product or service. Apart from that, it’s the SEO too. Google likes unique content and rewards it in the organic results. So, i guess that it’s obvious why article writing, or better content creation, is so important part of every online marketing strategy.


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