Why Ignoring Twitter Is Costing You Money

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Not using Twitter is costing your business money because you are not able to keep up with technology that could be helping you expand like crazy. Twitter has several tools you can use, tools that will help you to track down the type of audience you want. You can use keywords people would be using to find information, looking in niche groups, and getting people on board with your business.


Not able to keep up on industry news

Whatever business you are in I am sure there are breaking stories you would want to know about that happen in it from time to time. Twitter is a great way to do that. You can receive links to important news stories from those in your industry or those who follow it when you participate in the Twitter universe. Not being up to speed with what is going on in your industry can be a detriment.

You could be spreading information about your business fast

Twitter is not only a great way to communicate with people, but it is a good way to spread links to your webpages. Whenever you tweet something you are allowed to leave a link URL. If the link leads to a good page, then the people who receive it might decide to send it to other people as well. This is the true power of Twitter and it is what will help you build brand awareness.

You could be making better quality content on your webpages

When people come to your website, whether it is for business or something else, they want information. If you are not well versed in your niche it is going to be hard for you to provide that information for them. The quickest way to keep up to speed about what is going on in your niche is to learn directly from the people in it. These days most of them are on Twitter, and if you are not then it will definitely hurt your bottom line.

Your competition is on Twitter getting business that you could be getting

If you are not using Twitter to help grow your business, then you are letting the competition win. Your competition knows the power of Twitter and they are using every tool and feature available to get traffic, build brand awareness, and ultimately turn people into loyal customers. Once these customers are won over it is going to be hard to get them away from the competition.

People communicate more using Twitter than email these days

Email marketing is still good, so if you have a list it still have a lot of value. Make no mistake though; you will have a much easier time reaching your target market if you are able to communicate with them by means of Twitter. Everyone will see what you send out and you can build a lot of Twitter followers much faster than what you can an email list. What is even better is you do not have to spend any money to do so.

People share information by means of Twitter

If you have a “share this” button on your website or any form that encourages people to send your content or information about your business to others, you are wasting your time. Twitter is embedded into everything. People use their smart phone, laptops, tablets, even ebook readers to share things on Twitter. So if your goal is to build the reputation of your business, then Twitter is the best way to go.

Website traffic is created these days using Twitter

The days of relying on search engines alone to get traffic are long gone. You do not need to be popular in the search engine to get website traffic. If you have a lot of Twitter followers though, it is much easier to build the traffic to another website. Once you have enough people will begin to bring others on board and it will have a snowball effect. Your revenue will increase as a result.

Do not get left out in the cold with your business. You might be doing good, but you are definitely leaving money on the table if you are not using Twitter.

Do you know of other ways of how not using Twitter can be detrimental to business? Comment below so we can get a discussion going.


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7 thoughts on “Why Ignoring Twitter Is Costing You Money

  1. J.D. Meier

    How much time per day do you think is necessary to build and sustain an effective Twitter presence?

    Any sort of interesting numbers in terms of the ROI compared to the effort?

    Thanks for any insight.

  2. Molly Groman

    I had ignored twitter earlier and I was really missing out on something HUGE! I started suing it with our expecting any results and in 6 months time I was amazed at the power of twitter. Now I have dedicated traffic coming from Twitter!

  3. Freddie D.

    I have yet to use Twitter only because I’m just now adjusting to managing many other aspects of my business, however after reading this I think it will be my next step and project to start on :)

  4. Sandy

    Thank you for these useful information! I just relised how much twitter important is! I own a bookstore, so I think I start using twitter today!

  5. Per-Erik Olsen

    An interesting post. I do have a large number of followers on Twitter, but after reading the post, I feel I have to work more with it. Especially learn how to use the latest tools to dig out the information I need and reach out better to my prospects. Thanks!


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