Why You May Be Intimidated To Try And Crack A New Niche

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If you go onto any of the Internet marketing forums you will constantly hear people telling you not to try and get into a big niche. People will say this because in their mind there is so much competition in a big niche that it would be tough for you to get your share of the pie.

Big niches can indeed be cracked, but because of the constant warnings against getting into them, some people are intimidated. I think in order for people to get over this, they need to understand more about why they might feel this way.

Dominated by a select group of people

One of your fears about trying to crack a big niche might be the same as most peoples. You might simply feel that the biggest and best niches are all dominated by a select few people who single handedly have the power to give you credibility.

You are afraid that these authorities will not give you the credibility you need. I am here to tell you that it does help to have their approval, because it can springboard you to success.

You do not need their approval though, because the best approval you can get would be from the people who are in that niche. You need to have them saying good things about you and offering up social proof that you can make reference to.

How do you believe this is done? You do it by creating quality content and quality products that focus on solving their problems. If you do this then eventually those bigger authorities may come your way instead of the other way around.

Competing against expensive looking websites

Another fear that Internet markers face revolves around the design of their website. If you go to Internet marketing forums you will see people talk about creating websites, but when you go against the big boys your site might pale in comparison. Your fear then becomes that your website will look unprofessional. If this is the case you fear you might lose credibility versus others who have more expensive looking websites.

I will say that this might be true only to a certain extent. You do not need to have a big flashy website in order to impress people, but you do want your website to be set up nicely. You also want your website to have at least a semi professional look as to not come off as cheap. A bad looking website will speak volumes about you and if it is really bad it may take away from the overall quality of your content. You do not want this to happen do you?

Fearing the quality of your content

The people in the bigger niches may do all sorts of research and might have all sorts of information in order to come up with their material. What if you are not as good of a researcher as them? If you are not then you might question the quality of your content, and this might make you afraid to enter into the bigger niches. Yes, you do need to be able to write a certain way for certain niches, but you do not have to write like a P.H.D.

Your only goal is to be taken seriously when it comes to the type of content you create for a big niche or any niche. The best way to be taken seriously is to always have facts from multiple credible resources to back up what you are saying. You will need to set this tone from day one. If you can successfully do this and people see just how serious you are, then you will have credibility from that day forward.

Not offering enough value

One of the last fears some people have about entering into a big niche is they feel they will not be able to offer enough in the name of value in order to get authorities in a given niche to place their content in front of their viewing audience. Getting an authority to put your content in front of their ready-made audience is a good thing, but you should not expect it. You can build your own audience and focus on pleasing them.

Do not fear cracking the bigger niches, they are their for the taking. You just have to be willing to put in the work to create the sort of material that is going to sound new and fresh to them. If you can successfully do this then you can make a name for yourself in any niche.

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2 thoughts on “Why You May Be Intimidated To Try And Crack A New Niche

  1. Shamelle

    Thought provoking post.
    What’s important is that we carry out proper keyword research and know what we are getting into before starting a new niche site.

  2. Pressa

    After the penguin update it kinds of feel like niche blogging won´t help any longer because it will take time to start building links etc, much longer time than before and if one do not have the patience, then it is really difficult to be successful.


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