Why You Need to Be Using WordPress!

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Are you…

  • Tired of paying lots of money to web design firms just to set up a simple website?
  • Fed up with Content Management Systems that are too technical for you?
  • Wanting to set up a system that easily handles interactions between you and your visitors?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then WordPress is what you should be using.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that you can use to set up basic and advanced websites. It started out as a blogging platform, but has evolved through the years to become the leading CMS in its class. Currently, there’s so much choice and variety that there’s virtually no limit to the types of websites you can build using WordPress. In this write-up, we’ll be giving you reasons why should you choose WordPress over other CMS’s.

It’s Virtually Free

WordPress is open source, meaning that you can download, use, change and distribute it free of charge, in keeping with copyright and intellectual property laws. Setting up a simple WordPress site may only require you to pay for hosting and domain registration, which can come up to be around 200 dollars or less, depending on your hosting company. This is s great deal, compared to the thousands of dollars you’ll be forced to pay out to website designers and programmers.

It’s Easy To Set Up

Setting up WordPress is a piece of cake. You don’t need to be a web designer; just follow the installation instructions provided in their website, and you’re good to go. What’s more exciting is that they even have a famous 5-minute Install guide that’s worth checking out. With WordPress, the average computer user can now build anything from a simple blog site to a full-fledged online clothing store. Other CMS’s shift the focus towards more technical aspects, but WordPress sticks to what’s important: content creation.

Build a Website That Looks and Feels Different

With the wide range of free and commercial WordPress themes available for download, there’s no limit to the different looks that you can give your website. And anyway, why build a site that looks like it came straight from an assembly line? The people you target have their own unique preferences, meaning that you should aim at giving a bit of everything to everyone. Let’s take for instance that you’re looking to build a website that showcases the fastest, trendiest cars in the market; WordPress has plenty of cool themes that enable you to do this. Also, the styling options available for themes in other CMS’s pale in comparison when you pit them against those available for WordPress themes.

Still the Ideal Way to Blog

Even though you can use WordPress to build any website, it’s still the most popular choice for bloggers. Whether you want to set up a simple blog hosted by WordPress, or create your own blogging system, WordPress is the CMS to use. Blogging is a powerful way in which you can boost user engagement on your commercial site, and WordPress gives you a multitude of potions to do this in a user-friendly way. A WordPress blog can be easily integrated into your main site, helping you communicate your thoughts or company values in a more relaxed yet formal platform.

Still want to find out more? Check out the WordPress website to get started: http://www.wordpress.org/

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