Why You Should Never Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket When It Comes To Article Usage

If you have decided to use article marketing in order to drive visitors then you are on a good road. Even though article marketing has become less effective because of abuse, you can still use your articles in other ways to drive visitors.

However, I believe that people should not put all of their eggs into one basket when it comes to article marketing or the way they use their articles. When they do several things can go wrong that can seriously hurt their marketing efforts.

At the mercy of search engines

Think about this for a second, you put in all the work to write an article, you spend time and money on backlinking it in order to get it to rise in the search engines, and then the article gets taken down. Why do you believe the article would be taken down?

Well, one reason would be because the search engines have decided to change the way they do things. When this happens all of your hard work goes right down the drain along with any income being generated.

You see, search engines are always changing the way they do things, and at any moment they can decide to change the way they rank articles. If you are overly dependent on using articles and using articles alone, then what will happen to your business if this should happen? It does not matter whether you put the article on a directory or your own site either. If it is dependent on search engines alone it is at their mercy.

Leaving money on the table

One of the problems I have with article marketing is that I am leaving so much more money on the table by depending on it alone. Yes, article marketing if it is done right can bring in a lot of income. I would imagine however that there is more money to be made making use of other platforms.

The problem is that some of these platforms require a huge learning curve. Article marketing can be so time consuming that it will not be possible to get into these other platforms.

Do not make the mistake of not learning about other marketing platforms besides article marketing. You can make so much more money using other platforms primarily because many of them focus on scalability.

You must also understand that your niche is hanging out in multiple areas and not just one. It is going to be your responsibility if you want to be a successful Internet marketer to find them and get your message in front of them.

Using multimedia

Articles are good, but the problem is they come with a vigorish to the reader. What do you believe this is? It is the time the reader will have to spend to read the article. In this fast paced society people simply do not have the patients to do such things.

If they do sit down to look at it they want high value and they want it quick. Sometimes the best way to do this is not to use articles, but to use multimedia platforms to get your content out there.

Multimedia platforms such as video sharing websites and podcasting directories are great to get your content out there. If you learn how to re-purpose your content this way you will have far more leverage then with using articles alone.

What is even better is these platforms can bring you in far more traffic and do it faster because they are designed to be easily shared. With articles you usually have to wait a few days if not weeks to see results.

Tough niches need more convincing

If you rely too heavily on articles alone then you may put yourself at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to cracking other niches. Some niches will simply require more in order for you to convince them that you are truly an expert and that you can be relied upon in terms of the information you provide. If you are only willing to stick to articles, then those willing to use other platforms will get most of the traffic.

The message is very clear, do not rely on articles alone to build your business or any one platform such as article directories. You must be willing to branch out so you can make use of those platforms that will give you the most benefit. Article marketing alone is good, but it should be a compliment to other things you are doing.
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