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Introducing: WordPress Made Easy! The Easy to Follow Complete WordPress Video Course.

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Wordpress Made Easy

If you are new at the whole “building a website” thing, or maybe have just barely got your feet wet with blogging or internet marketing, then you probably know how difficult it can be to create your own websites. No matter if you are creating websites with the hopes of making money, or if it’s just to share your passions with others, you need a step-by-step system or else you could quickly become discouraged, frustrated, or even worse – give up completely…

If you go at it alone, chances are you’ll spend hours upon hours trying to learn it all yourself or possibly waste hundreds of dollars hiring people to do it for you.

You can put that all behind you RIGHT NOW, with these High End Step by Step Training Videos for WordPress!

WordPress is the biggest thing to hit the internet in a long time. With the numerous customization options, plugins, and features of WordPress, it makes the old ways of website building completely obsolete! This is not to mention the fact that once you learn the core basics of WordPress, you’ll be right up there with all of the other professional WordPress website owners!

If you believe that investing in knowledge is important – specialized knowledge, rather.. then this is exactly what you are looking for. This course will bring you up to speed – FAST!

As of right now, there are over 40 easy to follow (and fun to watch!) WordPress video tutorials included in this course. (We’re always adding more lessons and of course you’ll get instant access as soon as new ones are added.)

Each and every video tutorial in this course was created with the absolute newbie in mind. So, if you’re just getting started out, you’ll love the way this course is laid out. You won’t be left behind, or be confused by a bunch of nonsensical nerdy tech-talk.

A small sample of you’ll learn with these powerful, yet simple to follow video tutorials is:

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  • What are the BEST plugins to use, and how to install and configure each one for Maximum Potential! These are the same plugins the top marketers are already using!
  • How to make your WordPress site hassle-free with dead simple maintenance!
  • How to fully setup and optimize your WordPress sites!
  • A virtual treasure chest of money making tips & techniques!
  • Some really sneaky tricks that even the most advanced bloggers will scratch their head wondering “How’d they do that???”
  • And the most important of them all… You’ll learn how to promote your new site, and drive a ton of traffic to your new site!
  • How to Organize your WordPress site for Maximum Exposure
  • You’ll learn about the importance of Keyword Research, and How to Do it Right!
  • Domain Names and Hosting
  • Managing FTP, cPanel, and Domains with ease!
  • Instant WordPress Installations
  • MySQL Database creation (don’t worry, it’s actually simple!)
  • Working with Themes, Plugins, and Managing Settings
  • Managing Users, menus, posts, etc…
  • The use of sub-domains as well as multi-site themes and plugins
  • How to Embed Videos on your site the right way!
  • Securing and protecting your site (very crucial!)
  • And MUCH MUCH MORE! (This is just a sample!)


Start Creating Websites Like a Pro in Just Minutes! The Time to Start is Right Now.

Have you tried other website creation tutorials just to be left clueless and without a website?

Most of them are pretty difficult to follow and leave you with more questions than answers… Now, just imagine for a moment having your very own personal coach right there over your shoulder telling you EXACTLY what to do. Sounds great huh? Well, that pretty much sums up this video course! You’ll get to learn in REAL TIME, how to best plan your new website, How to monetize it, and how to maintain it with ease!  If you are new to WordPress or website building in general, this is the course for YOU!

Heck, even if you’re already a seasoned online marketer, but are not yet familiar with the new version of WordPress (a lot of changes!), then this course if definitely for you as well!

This is a Step-by-Step Video Course Showing You EXACTLY How to Build Your Very Own WordPress Sites With Absolutely No Previous Experience Required!

What would it mean to you to go from struggling with raw HTML code, and difficult website editors, to completely customizing your very own search engine optimized website with out any outside help? After watching the detailed, easy to follow videos in this course, you’ll be doing just that! You’ll be well on your way to creating your own professional looking website in no time at all. Imagine how awesome it will be to finally “get it”!

What would it be worth to you?

This course could easily be broken down into an expensive coaching program, or even a monthly membership site, costing a few hundred bucks over time, and many people would be more than happy paying for it. Why? because they won’t have the headache anymore of being clueless, and actually start to make things happen for themselves. Stop struggling with the most basic things, and dedicate more of your focus on being creative! Once you master WordPress, the sky is the limit.

There’s a good chance you’ve even paid someone to help you with your website creation, and you’re still right where you started… That’s no longer necessary with the advancements of WordPress, and you’ll soon see why!

I know this is the answer to all of your website creation problems,

So here’s the deal…

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Bonus #1

Social Media Traffic Secrets

Social Media TrafficThis “eye opening” report contains powerful social media secrets that will help you take your site to the next level!

Inside, You’ll learn:

  • The top social media networks that play a critical role in generating targeted traffic to your site, and the best ways to use them!
  • How to Maximize your social networks, for highly targeted traffic!
  • About the top 4 social bookmarking sites, and how to us them for maximum traffic!
  • Powerful Facebook marketing tips to catapult your brand!
  • And Much More!

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Bonus #2

cPanel for Newbies Video Course

cpanel tutorials

This easy to follow video course teaches you the ins and outs of cPanel, the most widely used Site configuration and management software application in the world!
You’ll learn everything you need to know including:

  • MySQL Databases & Tables – How to create and manage them with ease!
  • Using Awstats – Keeping track of your website stats
  •  Fantastico – Installing programs with the click of a mouse!
  • 404 Redirect – Change your 404 error pages into something more beneficial to you and your visitors!
  • Disable Indexes – Learn how to protect your files, and keep people from “snooping” around hidden parts of your site!
  •  Cron Jobs! – These are used to automate different tasks and are mainly use when your scripts require it. You’ll understand cron jobs in a better light and how to use them.
  • Using File Manager – Uploading, editing, and deleting files without FTP, and in the backend of cPanel
  •  Email Authentication – How to protect your emails from SPAM!
  •  Backup / Restore Your Website! – Keeping regular backups of your site is crucial! This video will show you exactly what to do!

$47 Value, Yours FREE when you order today!


Bonus #3

Complete Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

This professional grade package contains OVER 1000 GRAPHICS for you to use as you see fit in any aspect of your marketing!
1000 Bonus Graphics

This package includes some really cool social media icon sets, some nice looking buttons, guarantee seals, certificates, Twitter backgrounds, and even some floating dollar bill graphics!

To have a set like this made by a professional graphics designer would cost you easily over $500! You get these free as a bonus!

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Wordpress Made Easy

WordPress Made Easy

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