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Wordpress Made Easy

WordPress Made Easy

Having Trouble Creating a Website or Need to get “up to speed” on How to use WordPress? Wordpress Made Easy Complete Video Course teaches you EXACTLY how to build your very own wordPress sites with absolutely no previous experience required! You'll learn step-by-Step how to completely setup, customize and secrure your wordpress sites just like the pros!

Wp Speed Formula

WP Speed Formula

Did you know that the speed of your WordPress site is CRUCIAL to your success? Think about it. When your site is slow, you are losing visitors, subscribers, AND customers. The fact is, if your site is slow, people LEAVE. This means they don’t get to read your content, share your content, join your mailing list, or buy your products! This course will teach you how to get INSANE site loading times on your WordPress site, which in turn helps improve search engine rankings, traffic, and user engagement NATURALLY!


The Importance of Interlinking your Blog Posts

Running a blog takes a lot of work. There are literally hundreds of little things you need to pay attention to in order to make it all come together properly. One of these things is interlinking your blog posts. The goal of your blog should be to provide quality information, as well as a great user experience.


Traffic Tuesday – 5 Plugins To Get More Traffic

There are many plugins you can use for your blog that add functionality to help you in these two areas but in this post I wanted to focus on 5 of my favorite traffic getting plugins that I’ve gotten the best results from. When talking about getting traffic to your blog you can break it […]


Best WordPress Plugins for 2011

WordPress plugins easily add new features and increase the functionality of your site, usually with just a few mouse clicks. Below is a list of my favorite plugins that we’re currently using on this and our other wordpress sites. Thank Me Later Sends a thank you e-mail to anyone that leaves a comment on […]