You’ll Get More Free Backlinks with These…

Just the other day, I stumbled across a couple of pretty cool tools where you can obtain some extra backlinks to your website(s). I’m gonna keep this blog post short, and let you see for yourself.

1. The first one is the IMT Directory Submitter. This tool lets you add your website to web directories. Some of these are PR4 and PR5, and only take a few seconds to post to each one. All you do it choose your category, and click submit. It’s a really cool way to get free backlinks!

(note: you will have to become a member of their forum, which is also pretty cool)

2. The second one is on the same website, and is called the IMT Website Submitter. This tool lets you submit up to 2500 links (you can limit it to less if you choose – and I recommend) to “who is” “about us”, and statistic type websites. These are good, because they are regularly crawled by Google. If you update your content often, then you should be on these sites!

3. One last tool I want to share with you doesn’t get you any free backlinks, but it does show you where your links are coming from, and is VERY fast. I 100% recommend Market Samurai, and you can read my review HERE, but if you just wanna do a quick check, this tool might be useful to you:

Well that’s it. I hope this helps!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!


About Ben C.

Ben is the co-founder of and a regular writer and contributor to the site. He has been involved in internet marketing since 2005, and has created many profitable websites in several different niche markets. While many of his sites are still consistently making money, (and a few have been sold off for a nice payday), he's recently grown a passion for sharing his knowledge of online marketing with others through his various training courses, as well as through blogging. You can learn more about Ben and his story by Clicking Here

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3 thoughts on “You’ll Get More Free Backlinks with These…

  1. Dan Reed

    Hey Ben, saw your comments over at Ana’s. Wanted to check your site out, nice man! Well done, looks really good along with excellent content. I did use the backlink analyzer tool and discovered I had 288 backlinks, made me smile and I thank you for that!
    Feel free to stop by!

    • Ben Post author

      Thanks a lot Dan! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad that tool helped you out. Subscribe to the RSS feed, because there’s a lot more to come :)


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